Bangladesh Genocide Study Group at Kean

The primary objective of this organization is to help the Kean University authority to gather enough research resources on the atrocities commited by the Pakistan Army in 1971 and house them at Kean University so that a course on Bangladesh Genocide can be developed and introduced to world community under the Masters of Arts and Holocaust and Genocide Studies Program at Kean.

Aanother goal of this organization is to earn a library space for Bangladesh Genocide along with Jewish Holocaust and other genocides at Kean University Library and the Holocaust Research Center.

A long term goal of the group is to connect to NJ Holocaust Commission and make the commission aware about the genocide so that the Bangladesh Genocide is listed with the Commission.

The group has Bangladesh’s Genocide as its primary agenda; however, the group will also honor the issue of human rights and genocide in other countries. The goal of this organization is to work with the relevant organizations that work for human rights and voice against crime against humanity. Thus, the study and the work of this group shall not be limited only on Bangladesh Genocide.

The group will attempt to raise the consciousness of students, faculties and staff as well as various communities  in regards to what it means to be just and caring individuals and their rights to live voice for liberty and democracy. The group will attempt to increase the awareness of social justice and awareness against atrocities.

Bangladesh Genocide Study Group will work with the university organizations to organize seminars, lecture series, scholarly panel discussions, personal story sharing by the survivors and family members of the victims, gallery exhibition of genocide pictures, documents, collected video exhibitions, web cast of and other ways of disseminating and the information out in the national and international community. Members shall not be allowed to political, personal agenda and for-profit attitude. Under no circumstances political and personal agenda by any member shall be accepted. This will be considered violation of the “code of conduct” of the Group.