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By: M. Rahman, on behalf of Bangladesh Genocide Study Group and Human Rights Institute at Kean

What’s this conference about?

In a nutshell, we are organizing the second seminar on Bangladesh’s war crimes and atrocities of 1971 at Kean (OCT 18, Sunday, 11:00 AM). This time, we are working very closely with Human Rights Institute at Kean to make this seminar a success. The university has taken this issue seriously and the president has shown his clear support for the effort. Scholars and renowned professors at Kean has been working with us on this seminar, arranging and laying out the conference from a academically structured, and research perspective.


  1. Since experts, scholars in this field and war crime law experts will be involved in this conference, the outcome can be documented for research purpose. It will also help establish the presence of the atrocities of 1971 in the international scholar community, and books and on many other on going research efforts.
  2. A well attended conference will make the university feel the urgency and need to proceed with this matter, make them feel about the community support behind this, and will make administration implement the course offering on Bangladesh’s Genocide under the Masters of Holocaust and Genocide Studies Program.
  3. A conference with tremendous support from the community may help us secure a library space under the Human Rights Institute, which will facilitate further research and sharing of our genocide related documentation, books, research papers etc across the countries and nations.
  4. We can work with NJ holocaust commission to include our genocide in the middle and high school history syllabus, just like the holocaust is included in there. This is only possible through a successful and scholarly conference and the support of Kean University Administration and Human Rights Institute.

Funding needs:

We are in immediate needs of funding [see page 8, at the proposal document for details, scroll down to view the document under resource section]. We need to raise about 9,000 dollars. We are looking for co-sponsors and media partners for media coverage. We are also accepting individual donations. All money is being handled by Kean University Foundation and these donations are under 501(c)(3) charity, which is tax deductible.

Who are we looking up to?

We are highly counting on community leaders and enthusiasts like you and many others. If you are the generation who experienced and saw the atrocities, we are counting on you even more. We only heard about it. We want to learn more, spread the word, let the world know what happened to us, and work toward a world where these kind of atrocities never happens again.

Why are we so gung-ho about this issue?

An academic study has never been done on this issue, this is our chance. We already got a head start by convincing key people in the university to support this initiative (including the university president!). Now its up to all of us in the community, including you, to do continue this mission, and help this initiative move forward with this project.

Please do not let this pass, as we all can make a mark in the history; as one day, students regardless of their origin, will study, research, and learn about the atrocities that took place in Bangladesh in 1971; for an atrocity of such magnitude should not be left so underexposed for this long.

What can you do?

Please donate; and guide us how to reach out to community members, donors, co-sponsors, and share this with your friends and family so that they can join the conference. Also help us locate any survivors of the atrocities who may want to participate and share their story with the rest in the eyewitness accounts section of the conference.

Also, watch Kean University President’s speech released at the Bangladesh Liberation War Museum’s Conference during first week of august congratulating LWM for their effort, and extending his support for our effort at Kean, and inviting all community members to attend the conference at Kean. [Video Link is mentioned under the Resources Section]


To learn more about the upcoming and previous conference, please visit:

To see the university president’s support for this event, please visit:

To donate, or to become a co-sponsor please visit:

To view the conference project proposal, please visit:
http://www.kean.edu/~bgsg/Organization/Conference on BWCG_proposal.pdf



About the webmaster:

Mohammad Rahman is a Network Analyst and Distance Learning System Specialist by profession, currently employed at Kean University Office of Computer and Information Services. Rahman graduated from Kean with his B.S in computer science in 2004 and now attending NJIT for his MS. Rahman has been actively involved with Kean community for almost a decade, as a student, alumni, and professional staff and has built a tremendous positive reputation among his colleagues throughout the university.


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